13 March Day 14 – Cheltenham to Nantwich via Wales

It seems we have extended our kitchen all the way to Gloucester

Drove the long way from Cheltenham to Nantwich with Ron and Phil.  Ron hadn’t visited Gloucester before so we went there first.

The Cloister in Gloucester Cathedral is supposed to have been used for a scene in one of the Harry Potter movies.

Cloister, Gloucester Cathedral

Architecture on Westgate Street, Gloucester

Tintern Abbey on the way to Hereford

Eventually found the way over the River Severn into Wales with the GPS, we found it cost £6 to leave England.  Later discovered that the toll was one way, the Welsh not having to pay to get into England (says something, but I’m not sure what)  Anyway we all decided it was a bit of a rip-off  -£2 each to get to Wales – when it only cost £10 to go all the way to Australia.  We drove past Chepstow and the ruins of Tintern Abbey.

Elizabethan Building in Hereford town square.

Entered Herefordshire and stopped in Hereford for a sandwich at Marks & Spencers.  There were a lot of empty shops in the town centre and shop owners told us the economy was somewhat depressed.

Back to Nantwich and the Railway Hotel.  Dinner at Jodie and Roger’s was a spread of cheeses, pork pies, sliced meats, dips and fresh baguette topped off with a Chilean red – delicious.  Had my first taste of Roquefort cheese, which, because it is made with unpasteurised milk, is banned in Australia.  We really are missing out on a sensational cheese!

Total Distance Travelled: 159miles/255km


One comment on “13 March Day 14 – Cheltenham to Nantwich via Wales

  1. Jo says:

    Dad! You went to Wales?! Go back! Go back! And head to Cardiff. Then take pictures of that statue from Torchwood, and possibly the filming of the new Doctor Who’s… PLEASE?
    We miss you here.
    Love you xx

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