7 March Day 8 – Cheltenham to Bisley

Bisley Village from the 51 Church Steps

To Bisley today with Mike and Angela.  Don’t know what we expect to find but looking forward to visiting the Hunt’s old stomping ground.  Visited the All Saints Church and churchyard.  Located a few Hunt’s in the Churchyard but there is no way of knowing if they are related.  Spoke to the Postmistress at Bisley Post Office and she told us there was only one ancient Hunt left i.e. not a newcomer into the village.  Took various photos of this beautiful village followed by a delicious lunch (sausage and melted Stilton cheese on a bread roll) at the Stirrup Cup Pub in front of a log fire.

From Bisley to The Trench which is just outside Waterlane, and then through Brimpsfield where Gran and Pate Hunt (or Grampy Alf)  lived.

Total Distance Travelled: 31.7 miles/51km

William Hunt buried at Bisley Churchyard 29 August 1834 with his wife Sarah

Mike and Angela at Bisley

All Saints Church, Bisley

The 51 Steps

The gate and fence overlooking the Trench near Waterlane. Some of the Hunts worked and were born here.


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