21 March: Day 22 – Bunbury and the Shropshire Union Canal

Jodie, Stephanie, Felicity and Phil on board the NB Rosie

With Phil, Roger, Jodie, Stephanie and Felicity to Bunbury and the Shropshire Union Canal early – in fact too early for breakfast and the boats so Phil and I pulled into Tarporley and the Swan Hotel for a coffee and a “Bacon Butty”.

Two old sea dogs, Phil and Roger

Back to Bunbury and AngloWelsh Narrowboats to sign the paperwork.

Canal-side daffodils

Received a runthrough about the specifics of the day boat and off we went – me at the tiller. The weather was overcast and a cool wind, but no forecast of rain.

Some of the strange names on the narrowboats.

Although able to get up to 6mph, the Narrow Boat Rosie sailed better at a walking pace (often passed by people with zimmer frames and 3-legged dogs). Some of the narrowboats had interesting names.

The narrowboat names just got stranger and stranger...

... didn't they?

Crossing Chester Road, Nantwich on the Aqueduct

Cruised to Nantwich over the Nantwich Aqueduct that passes above Chester Road.

On the return journey stopped at the Old Barbridge Inn, right on the canal and to let the kids tire themselves out on the kiddy park outside.

Part of the Happy Crew on the NB Rosie, prior to sailing

A slow cruise back to base and the sun just started to come from behind the clouds.  Drove back to Nantwich and the late afternoon sun shone brightly.

The old Barbridge Inn, Barbridge, Cheshire where we stopped for lunch.


5 comments on “21 March: Day 22 – Bunbury and the Shropshire Union Canal

  1. Jo says:

    What a terrific day trip. I love the boat names, Uncle Brian is a ripper!

    • Sure I can bring it back, just pay me for the excess baggage. Better thought, buy yourself a tinny and we can all attend the naming ceremony.

    • You realise we now can’t call our narrowboat Gladwin, so we will have to think of a better name? Any ideas? I tried that game with the people here and they came up with Kapunda, Platypus, WinHunter (guess who thought of that boring one?). Name a Narrowboat!!

  2. Brian Hunt says:

    Hi there ive just been reading through the whole blog and there seems to be a common theme,Coffee and food!!!(im jealous)by the way Are you able to bring back my uncle Brian boat please.

  3. Kerry says:

    Brian’s right – food, glorious food seems to be the main theme of this trip!

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