22 March: Day 23 – Off to see the Houghtons

The Pheasant Inn, Cheshire

Up late (ish) and off to Library for a bit of computer work.  Then with Roger, Jodie, Phil, Ron, the kids and Milo the dog to the Pheasant Inn at Higher Burwardsley, Cheshire for lunch.

View from the outdoor tables at the Pheasant Inn.

Ate a ploughman’s type platter called “Charcuterie”  with scotch egg, terrine, pate, relish and the ubiquitous pork pie.  Lovely hotel and views.

Later in the day with Phil and Jodie, off to Kemal and Caroline’s house in Bebington and then to the nearby Chronicle Hotel for dinner.

The dining room at the Chronicle, Bebington, Cheshire

The pub was opened in 2007 and is named after C.S. Lewis who, allegedly, visited the local St Andrews Church and began writing The Chronicles of Narnia – I say allegedly as I cannot find a reference for Lewis visiting Bebington apart from the one describing how the pub got its name.

Another solid round of dining, for me the Texas Chili wrap, and then we got involved in a pub quiz.  None of us were very good at it as we knew few of the answers to the music questions, nor the general questions. So we left a little after 10pm, said our goodbyes and headed back to Nantwich.  Phil has to get up early tomorrow to fly out to Singapore then Siem Reap, Cambodia.


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