28 March: Day 29 – Manchester to London and Away.

Coffee at Shirley in Nantwich with Jodie and the girls.

Arrived with  plenty of time (I thought) at Manchester airport, and fronted up to BA for the Qantas flight at 1725hrs.  Was told I was too early to book in and to come back at 1530.  I duly did and found that I had been booked on the 1530 flight to London as the QF2 was leaving for Singers at 2130 and not 2230 as per my ticket.  Unfortunately my seat on the 1725 flight had been given away and there were none available. 

Lots of talking with BA and Qantas (at the end of a phone) and eventually they found a seat for me that someone had cancelled.

Soooo!! I am on the flight, but will have a big race from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3 to catch QF2.  If I can’t make it – plane or terminal bus is late – then they will have to put me on another flight to Singers which could mean me missing the train from Sydney to Port Macquarie, having to cancel the Singapore hotel etc. etc.  Hopefully this won’t happen.  I will be able to write more when I get a chance to settle somewhere with a computer at the other end.  Meanwhile I am in the BA/Qantas lounge in Manchester waiting for the flight to be called.  My next blog update will come from either London or preferably Singapore.

Well this is the update I was hoping for. Plane into London was late taking off and therefore 5 mins late landing – remember the Singapore flight leaves at 1930 – the buses to the terminal were also late and the trip is 10 mins. Got to the terminal and had to go through security again – left my watch on which set off the alarm and still had a half full body wash in my carry-on bag so that held things up too. 1910hrs and was told to go to gate 1 but the good thing was no Customs check so could save time on that. You would have thought that gate one would be the nearest wouldn’t you? Well it’s not, it’s right down the end, the gates start at 5 and go backwards. On and off the travelator eventually get to the gate puffing and blowing (all that good food) last one on the plane. Get settled in my window seat and the plane is delayed 20 mins while last-minute freight is loaded!!


One comment on “28 March: Day 29 – Manchester to London and Away.

  1. Kerry says:

    Brings back (nasty) memories of rushing between terminals to catch the next plane.
    good luck!!

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