30 March: Day 31 – Returning Home.

Awake at 3am – autoclock not yet switched on – and read until ready to fall asleep again.  There is no food at the Hotel (the restaurant closed for renovation), so no need to get up too early.

Struggled out of bed at 1030 and off to find food only to find the “open all day” restaurant nearby is closed.  So across the road to a French named bakery for a stale croissant and a surprisingly good black coffee with creamer.

Hot and muggy – and that’s just me – the weather is worse, I can’t be bothered wandering around looking for bargains (there don’t appear to be too many nowadays in Singapore), so taxi to airport.  Wander around airport and find that the Qantas lounge is closed to early passengers – good to see Australians are still not taking Fridays as a serious work day.

A torrential downpour hits Singapore Airport

Just got to the airport in time as an almighty storm hits.

Relaxing at the Qantas lounge and updating the blog on real computers. Hip! Hooray! Yay!


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