31 March: Day 32 – Home

Arrived at Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport 0635hrs, about 30 minutes late.  Tried new (for me) electronic swipe passport at the Immigration/Customs hall which supplies a card after standing in front of a face recognition machine thingy.  I still have to fill out all sorts of details on the Inwards Passenger Card which seems a duplication because Immigration/Customs would have all my details anyway – eg. why repeat your date of birth and nationality on a form when it is contained in the passport?  The UK and Singapore have much simpler concepts including not needing to fill out an Inwards/Outwards Pax Card if you are a resident of that country.

Took the airport train to Central and dropped my bags in.  My suitcase was 3kg overweight for them so bought a $4 bag for the excess and this was booked through to Wauchope too.  No showers at Central Station any more, so took the train to Paul and Denny’s and showered there.

All the youngsters there are making jars of tomato sauce, cutting and cooking up masses of tomatoes for eventual bottling – this is a Marc thing – another fascinating addition to our culinary delights.  Denny kindly took me to Hornsby station where I picked up the Wauchope train.

The XPT train to Wauchope arriving at Horsby Station.

New Gourmet Delight - a railway pie!


Jane and Jo met me at the station and off to Curly’s for dinner and back home again to a warm welcome from the dog Mischa.



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