2 March Day 3 – Singapore to London

Pool at Transit Airport Hotel Changi Airport, Singapore

Spent the night at the Ambassador Transit Hotel at Changi Airport, Singapore – they sell the room in 6 hour blocks.  Slept well and it is a good place to stay if you don’t want to leave the airport.  I found it a little bit worriesome when I had to leave my bag on the bag pick-up carousel because I couldn’t go through Immigration to collect it.  To go through meant “logging out” of the airport through Customs and then having to come back in again, but I would have been unable to do that because I didn’t have a boarding pass for tonight’s midnight plane etc. etc.  Asked around and I found out that I leave my bag on the carousel and after 30minutes someone picks it up and places it in the Lost and Found Bags office where, I was assured, it will remain safe.
So this morning I had breakfast at a coffee place in the Terminal.  I ordered something easy (so I thought) a ham, cheese and tomato toastie with my cappucino.  The sandwich was good but laden with raw onion, green tomatoes and lettuce.  Tasted great though.  I just don’t need to breath on anybody this early in the morning.

There is also a swimming pool attached to the hotel and I intended go there after lunch but by then it was bucketing down with rain.  I have extended another 6 hours so they will kick me out at 1630hrs when I can go to the Qantas Club until called for the midnight flight to London.
After brekkie I went to the Qantas transit area and tried to get a boarding pass for tonight’s flight.  The lass there tried but asked me to come back later in the day because there was no boarding information up yet for the flight.  I must have put on my best hangdog look, so she tried again, got me a seat, got my luggage sent through to London and all I need to do later in the evening is find out what lounge I am flying out of as it is not yet on the Departure Board.
So now I am in the Qantas Club lounge where I am relaxing until the flight is called.  The food at the Club is ordinary (mainly cheese and bikkies) but by golly they have a great range of free grog – it’s a good job I don’t drink!!


2 comments on “2 March Day 3 – Singapore to London

  1. jodi says:

    Ken your arrival in the morning has us all very excited! we cant sleep! Have a restful flight and we will see you soon x

  2. Brian Hunt says:

    Hi there
    Wow sounds like a fun start to the holiday !
    At least you will get plenty of reading in
    I’m sure. Enjoy
    Love Brian,Reb,Oli,Abbey & Ivy

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