14 March: Day 15 – Nantwich

Ron is sick – probably coming down with the flu so he spent the day in bed.  Staying at the Railway Hotel, my room has a modern looking shower, but very archaic in its use.  Takes about 3 minutes before the water gets to the shower point, dribble of cold water in the tap and having to pump the toilet handle 8 or 10 times before it flushes.  Small room but clean and comfortable.

The Aga shop in Nantwich

Oscar the dog greeted my return by barking at me as I came down for breakfast. After eating a big daddy breakfast (tomorrow I’ll have to eat a smaller one), spent the day in Nantwich walking around the town and taking in the sights with Phil, Jodie and the girls.  Buskers in the street, sometimes being told by shopkeepers to move on as they are disrupting their business, lots of coffee shops et. al and it all seems to be a bustling economy.

He's a One Man Band

Spent a few hours at the Library, but they kicked me out at 1300hrs as they were closing.  May go back tomorrow, but at least it allowed me to list the places I need to visit in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Interesting Shopping Arcade near the centre of Nantwich

Derek phoned me and we all will meet up with him and Kemal on Friday.

A not really bustling part of Nantwich


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