15 March: Day 16 – Liverpool

Definition of "Low water" at Woodside.

Phil, Ron and I drove from Nantwich to Liverpool via Chester and Woodside Ferry Terminal at Birkenhead.  At Woodside we took the ferry to Liverpool.

The "Royal Iris" sailing for Liverpool

The ferry took us on a meandering course up the Mersey and they back down the other side to Liverpool.  A tourism talk was part of the trip, and yes, they did play “Ferry across the Mersey” just as we were about to disembark.  The Royal Iris ferry was named after the “Fish & Chip” boat we used to travel on as kids – named after the food they served on board.

Liverpool from the Mersey showing the Liverbirds

Spent our time on the riverbank looking at the museum and the Tate Art Gallery.

Sculptures in front of the Liverpool Museum

A bottle of Dandelion and Burdock, with strange flavours but drinkable.

Drank my first bottle of Dandelion and Burdock soft drink in many decades, and while it was not as I remembered, it was drinkable and one could acquire a taste for it.

Managed to get the last ferry back to Birkenhead (1835hrs) otherwise it would have been a long and wet walk.

Total Distance Travelled: 75miles/121km


One comment on “15 March: Day 16 – Liverpool

  1. Jo says:

    Dad, drinking weeds is disgusting. It even looks gross. Why would you drink it?!

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