17 March: Day 18 – Around various parts of Yorkshire

The Arches in the Village of Owston, Yorkshire

Drove around parts of Yorkshire to look at cities, towns and villages where Mother’s ancestors lived.  First off to the lovely little village of Owston, the birthplace of Greatx3 Grandmother Jane Musgrave about 1807. She later moved to Doncaster where she married Gx3 Grandfather John Marwood, dying there about 1873.

Entry into Tickhill, Yorkshire

Next to Armthorpe a suburb of Doncaster where another Gx3 Grandmother, Hannah Gascoigne was born about 1802.  She married John Hanson from Doncaster.  The suburb didn’t look too interesting so I drove through Doncaster on my way to Sheffield, where G-Grandmother and Gx2 Grandmother were born (Emma Hanson 1859 and Elizabeth Ellis c 1837).  Ellis married Samuel Hanson in 1856 at Doncaster, while Emma married Albert Marwood/Holdsworth in 1878.  Sheffield is a lovely city, with trams and minimal parking for cars.

On to Tickhill which registered with some of my relatives and also Jane’s, then to Bawtry.

The Parish Church, Bawtry, Yorkshire

Bawtry was a plain sort of town with 2 churches – the older Parish Church and the newer Methodist one.  Bawtry was the birthplace of Albert Marwood/Holdsworth in 1858 and his mother Mary Marwood about 1834.

Killerby Old Hall

Back to Killerby Old Hall in time for a light dinner of pork pies, cheeses, salad and cold meats with crusty bread and a 2011 Beaujolais. Ah! life in the fast lane!!


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