19 March: Day 20– Penrith and the Lake District

The White Horse cut into the hillside near Kilburn, North Yorkshire.

With Phil from Killerby to Penrith – left at 0830hrs this morning with almost 200km to go until the first major stop. Past the turnoff to Richmond and stopped at the Kilburn White Horse carved into the side a a hill near Kilburn.  The horse was made in the 1930’s by a school teacher and his pupils.

View from the Killburn White Horse Lookout.

Phil gingerly clambering down the 151 Steps from viewing the Killaby White Horse.

Up 151 steps to reach the top of the chalk horse, but what a view!


Had lunch at Penrith, drinking Bundaberg Ginger beer, talking to a woman from the shop who wants to migrate with her family to Perth, Aust.

Yes Mavis there is another Penrith, this time in Cumbria, UK

Stone sink at Antique shop in Penrith, Cumbria

The local antique shop had fascinating stone sinks and a boar’s head in stone for sale – unfortunately Phil wouldn’t take any of them back in his luggage.

Pig's head in Penrith

Down through the Lake District on a scenic drive past Ullswater and into Windemere for coffee. Through Kendal and a quick dash back to Nantwich by 1800hrs.  About 350km in all.


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